Managed Pressure Drilling

Fully independent Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) well engineering design, training and operational support services

Fully independent Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) well engineering design, training and operational support services for Operating Companies and Drilling Contractors assuring the well design integrity; ensuring clients are fully prepared for MPD operations.

WellSpec’s MPD well design service provides Operating Companies and Drilling Contractors with a complete detailed MPD drilling program, focusing on the available formation and wellbore pressure operating window and seamlessly integrating operational processes for the drilling team.

The MPD drilling program ensures well operational and contingency requirements are matched to the actual equipment systems installed or being considered for installation on drilling units, ensuring planned well operations can be completed within the defined MPD system operating parameters. WellSpec’s recommended upfront planning process starts with a basis of design for MPD operations, development of the detailed MPD drilling program ensuring all aspects of MPD operations are effectively engineered and approved by the project team.

WellSpec offers a comprehensive 4 level MPD training programme, which can be specifically tailored to individual clients’ projects. This allows us to design a fit for purpose training schedule based on the project drilling programme and procedures, including development of the Drillers’ operational tool kit documentation, live onsite training and competency assurance, followed by ongoing operational support and guidance. Our training programmes can be catered to our clients office based staff and rig crews, considering all MPD experience levels.  

In the specific case of Drilling Contractors; WellSpec can support development and enhancement of MPD capable rig fleet operational and contingency MPD procedures, operating manuals, well control manuals and Drillers’ operational documentation, which is fully integrated with our MPD training programme. WellSpec support ensures Drilling Contractors offers best in class, safe, effective and fully integrated MPD operational solutions to Operating Companies with no costly support required from MPD service providers.

As part of our rig survey capabilities; WellSpec also provides MPD system design reviews, completing a critical first step any full MPD enabled rig condition survey, which enables the client to gain a comprehensive insight of their MPD system, using a structured approach to ensure all design, safety and operational aspects of an MPD system are properly assessed.

WellSpec also complete MPD Feasibility Studies to assess the suitability of the technology for Operators considering implementing MPD techniques to overcome conventional drilling problems on challenging wells. We specialise in ultra deepwater MPD project design and implementation and can provide specialist support on any current and developing UBD and MPD techniques, including SBP MPD, CML, CCS and PMCD.  

WellSpec operates fully independently and is not associated with specific service providers, Operators, Drilling Contractors or equipment manufacturers.