MPD Condition Survey

Project Objectives

Primary objective of the MPD Equipment survey was to determine the usability and suitability of the MPD system installed on the rig and to determine if the rig, the crew, and its MPD system was fit for purpose for the planned wells.
Secondary objective of the MPD Equipment survey was to review historical MPD operations with the system and to establish the surface pressure losses applied to the well when using the MPD system

Short project description

The review of the MPD system on the drillship was completed over a three-day period whilst the rig was anchored in a standby location preparing for drilling operations. 
The MPD system on the rig is fully integrated system permanently installed into the rig.
The rig had drilled numerous wells using the MPD system and had experienced no MPD related downtime. Several rig specific upgrades had performed to the MPD surface equipment and the MPD riser assembly. 
The contractor has a dedicated MPD section leader on board the rig. The MPD section leaders are owners of the MPD system on board the rig and work on maintenance, procedures, testing and operations of the complete MPD system.
Control of the MPD operation is done by the MPD operators who are working in a dedicated room located behind the drillers cabin on the rig floor. The driller has access to an MPD panel and control all valve operations required on the MPD package using a touch screen located at the drillers cyber chair. 
Past MPD operations were reviewed with several improvements recommended. Spares management and maintenance of the package was reviewed. Crew competency was also reviewed including all functions from Derrickman to OIM including the MPD operators and section leaders. 
Operating procedures as well as pressure losses from system were reviewed with several improvement actions issued to the client and the drilling contractor.


Both the client and contractor received a full update on the MPD system together with improvement actions related to equipment, procedures and crew training.