Drilling Program Peer Review and Tender Support

Project Work Scope

As independent well engineering experts, MR WellSpec was contracted by the client to perform the following work scope:

  • Prepare technical and commercial tender documentation related to Managed Pressure Drilling Services. This included the Rotating Control Device (RCD), the Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) services and the Continuous Circulation System (CCS) services.
  • Perform a complete peer review on the content of the drilling program, the technical and operational steps and ensuring it is compliant to local regulatory and best practices.

Value to the Client

Being independent from any equipment vendor, MR WellSpec was able to provide noticable value to the client.

Highlights of the work include:

  • Prepared a basis of MPD design and philosphy that ensures the service is fit for purpose to achieve the well objectives.
  • Prepared the technical scope of work in the tender document compliant to best practices of the industry, API recommended practices and local regulatory requirements.
  • Prepared the commercial specification in the tender document inline with the commercial model and logistical requirements of the client.
  • Reviewed the drilling program to ensure the operational steps are inline with the well objectives and equipment being used on the well.
  • Added in required content to the drilling program to ensure completeness and achieving the required project objectives.
  • Ensured the drilling program is compliant to industry best practices, API recommended practices and local regulatory requirements.
  • Ensured offset well issues were analyzed and problems and mitigation were addressed in the drilling program.
  • Verified and audited the pressure profile to ensure it is inline with offset well subsurface data.
  • Performed kick tolerance and casing shoe verification.